Complete Your Virtual Check-In!

During this time of social distancing, we’re providing our existing patients, already in treatment with us, the option of a virtual check-in.
Please fill in the fields below and attach a few photos for us to review.

Current Patient Info

Please submit photos of your teeth as shown in the examples.

For existing INVISALIGN patients, please include a set of photos with your aligners in and without.
For existing BRACES patients, if you have rubber bands in place, please take photos while wearing the bands.

#1 Lower Teeth*
#2 Upper Teeth*
#3 Front View*
#4 Right View*
#5 Left View*

For Current Invisalign Patients

#6 Front View With Aligners In
#7 Right View With Aligners In
#8 Left View With Aligners In

After you hit send, we'll contact you within a few days and potentially set up a time to connect if requested or needed.