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Dr. Hawley has perfected thousands of smiles with braces and Invisalign in Papillion, NE and Greater Omaha. If you’d like to experience your own smile transformation, call us at (402) 592-3200 or email [email protected] to schedule your free consultation. Here are just some of the reasons why so many patients continue to choose us for all of their orthodontic needs:


Free Exam

We offer free consultations so you can have all of the information you need to confidently kick-off your smile journey. There’s no charge for the initial exam, photographs, digital x-rays and analysis. Dr. Hawley will sit down with you and explain what he sees and how orthodontic treatment can help, as well as recommend the appropriate time to start and answer all of your questions. You can schedule your free exam now by calling us at (402) 592-3200 or emailing [email protected].


Hawley Guarantee

We want you to love your results. We guarantee that we’ll work with you to achieve YOUR best smile. We’ll even provide you with retainers and if your teeth shift, we’ll get you back to where you were.


No Upcharges

Want metal braces? Great! Want clear braces? Awesome! Want Invisalign? Amazing! There are no upcharges at our office. Most orthodontic practices charge more for esthetic options like clear braces or Invisalign, but not at Hawley Orthodontics. Your smile, your style.


Low Down Payments & Flexible Financing

Think straightening your teeth will cost a fortune? You’d be surprised at how affordable braces and Invisalign can be here at Hawley Orthodontics! We believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dream smile, which is why we offer no-interest financing and down payments that fit your budget. At your consultation, we’ll find something that works for you.


Advanced Technology

We love technology and we’re all about harnessing innovation to make appointments and treatments faster and more effective. We use digital photographs and x-rays to accurately and safely diagnose patients and we’ve invested in digital scanners to replace the goopy, messy impressions of yesterday. Our advanced braces brackets create less friction, so teeth can move faster and more comfortably. As the largest Invisalign provider in the area, we’ve also helped thousands of patients achieve their dream smiles with clear, removable aligners.



Communication is such an important part of the treatment process and it really sets you up for success. That’s why Dr. Hawley sees EVERY patient and personally explains treatment progress to parents at each visit. We’re always open to questions, comments and concerns. You can even chat with us right here on our website!


Individualized Treatment Plans

You’re unique and so is your smile. Orthodontics isn’t one-size-fits-all and not everyone needs the same treatment. Dr. Hawley will provide you with a customized treatment plan designed to give you YOUR best smile.


Same-Day Starts

We know you’re busy and it can be hard to miss work or school for an appointment so, in many cases, we’re available to start your treatment on the same day you come in for your initial exam. This way, you can save yourself a trip to our office and jump right in with braces or Invisalign. During your exam, we’ll make sure you understand the treatment plan, finances and exactly what to expect so you feel completely confident. Call us at (402) 592-3200 or email us at [email protected] to start your Papillion, NE braces or Invisalign treatment on the same day as your free exam.


Family Friendly

Dr. Hawley is a family man and he knows how important family is in our Papillion community! In addition to developing relationships with our patients, we get to know the whole family. We make sure parents feel just as comfortable as their children at appointments and younger siblings are always welcome. It’s not uncommon to see Dr. Hawley’s own kids at the office – his wife Stacie is our marketing coordinator. We even offer family discounts.


Community Outreach

We don’t just offer orthodontic treatment in Papillion and Greater Omaha, Nebraska, we live here too! We believe it’s so important to be active in the community around us. We teach hygiene at preschools and elementary schools, sponsor local sports teams and dance teams, donate to local charities and try to help wherever we can.


Fun, Relaxed Environment

We’re not your typical orthodontic office. As soon as you walk through our door, you’ll notice the happy, relaxed, positive atmosphere. It’s smiles all around at Hawley Orthodontics. Our team members are super friendly and accommodating and Dr. Hawley loves chatting and joking with patients and their families during treatment. We have tons of fun contests both in the office and online and our practice is designed with patient comfort in mind.



After completing dental school, Dr. Hawley did a year fellowship in craniofacial biology and three additional years of training in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics to become an orthodontist. He focuses solely on orthodontics and, as his Papillion, NE Invisalign and braces patients can attest, he has the knowledge and experience to treat even the most complex cases. In fact, he’s transformed thousands of smiles. This standard of excellence doesn’t stop with Dr. Hawley. Every staff member is highly trained and efficient. We rely on our expertise to ensure our patients get exceptional results that last a lifetime.


All Insurance Accepted

In our effort to make treatment accessible to everyone, we accept all insurances, including Nebraska DHHS. We have an in-office insurance coordinator who will go over your benefits and answer any questions you have. We do everything we can to simplify the process and maximize your benefits. To learn more, schedule your free consultation today by calling us at (402) 592-3200 or emailing us at [email protected].

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