Dr. Hawley and Family

Dr. Nathan J. Hawley

Papillon, NE Orthodontist, Dr. Nathan Hawley was born and raised in sunny California and has always had a love for football, a good BBQ and the great outdoors. He now lives in Gretna with his wife Stacie and their four beautiful (and very active) daughters. Having grown up surrounded by only sisters, and now as the father of only daughters, he’s become quite the expert on princesses and dance parties. However, busting a move and being able to fashion a fancy crown out of household items aren’t his only talents. Dr. Hawley is also fluent in Spanish, which he perfected after serving a two-year mission in Paraguay.

September 1, 2022

Underbite vs. Overbite: What’s the  Difference and How are They Treated?

As a Papillion, NE orthodontist, Dr. Nathan Hawley specializes in diagnosing, preventing and treating malocclusion. Malocclusion is doctor-speak for a “bad bite,” meaning the upper and lower teeth don’t come…
Omaha for summer 2022Community
July 15, 2022

Our Annual Guide to Affordable & Free Things to do With Kids in Omaha for Summer 2022

It feels like it was only a few months ago when we released our summer 2021 guide to Omaha kids’ activities, but a full year has gone by. Time flies…
First Week of Invisalign® TreatmentOrthodontics
June 1, 2022

8 Things to Expect During Your First Week of Invisalign® Treatment

Whether you’ve been considering getting Invisalign for an overbite, crowded teeth or any other smile concern, you’ll be happy to know the system of clear aligners is an effective solution.…
Orthodontic TreatmentOrthodontics
April 28, 2022

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Getting Your Braces Off

There aren’t many things better than removing a patient’s braces and watching them check out their brand new smile in the mirror. We love to see the joy and confidence…
Orthodontic Pacifiers for BabyOrthodontics
February 25, 2022

How Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking Affect the Teeth: An Orthodontist’s Guide

There are so many different opinions when it comes to the two most common oral habits: thumb sucking and using a pacifier. “Never give your baby a pacifier.” “Offer a…
invisalign popping offOrthodontics
January 10, 2022

Why is My Invisalign Popping Off My Back Teeth?

Why is My Invisalign® Popping Off My Back Teeth? Invisalign is a comfortable, convenient way to straighten your teeth without braces. The removable aligners are pretty user-friendly. As long as…